Обеспечение финансово-экономической безопасности в кооперативной экономике Приморской губернии в годы нэпа

Ким Константин Васильевич

The decision of the problems of finance-economic security in Russia and in the Far East gains important significance in connection with participation of Russia in the Asia Pacific Economic Association. The article by K.V. Kim The activity of the Far Eastern Office Credit Bureau in ensuring financial-economic security in the years of the New Economic Policy deals with historical aspect of this problem. The author considers that by the end of the 20s - the early 30s of the 20th c labor resource potential in the Far Eastern economy of the Soviet Russia reached quite high level as compared with pre-revolutionary period of the Russian cooperation of the Far East.

Россия и АТР 2006 , т. , вып. 4 ( 2006 ) С. 36-43
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