Дальневосточная тема в русской литературе XVII-XIX вв.

Фетисова Лидия Евгеньевна

The author of the article The Far Eastern theme in the Russian literature of the 17th-19th cc. , Candidate of Philological Sciences Lydia Fetisova tells about literature monuments didicated to development of the territories east to the Ural. The Far Eastern branch of the Russian documentary art marine literature is opened by description of the trip by merchant Grigorii Shelikhov. Then chronologically come books by G. Davydov, recollections of F. Litke, F. Wrangell, I. Goncharov, A. Maksimov and others.

Россия и АТР 2006 , т. , вып. 3 ( 2006 ) С. 174-180
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