Изучение Китая и Японии: Результаты научных поисков

Белоглазов Геннадий Петрович , Кожевников Владимир Васильевич

Studying of China and Japan: results of scholar search is the title of the article by Candidates of Historical Sciences Gennady P. Beloglazov and Vladimir V. Kozhevnikov. The authors trace out the publication of works of researchers of the Institute since the 70s of the 20th century till now. The article names distinguished scholars-Sinologists, tells about the works of researchers studying Japan. It also tells about the last and modern state of studying history of Japan, Russian-Japanese relations at the center of Japan Study of the Institute.

Россия и АТР 2006 , т. , вып. 2 ( 2006 ) С. 87-102
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